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Indivisible, a poem

We are like two countries you and I

Who throughout our history have gone to war

Burning the sacred monuments with our rage

As our children huddle and pray for peace.


We think we are fighting for freedom

As if I could evict you from the places you inhabit

Within the boundaries of my skin

When no bullet, fire or distance could ever extract you from me


As if I could return to the self I once was

Before your love transformed me

And drove me mad

For true love comes at a great price


It costs us everything

For whatever we love

We must lose.

Oh the terror


Of a life without love

And the paradox of it!

For its absence is proof of

Its existence


And though we have mounted love’s causalities,

And grown old with despair

In the rubble of morning light

I still hope.


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Death is a Door

But death is just a door through which we all must pass
And it cannot take our love away
No, even there it lasts
Through worlds unseen and back again
Love comes to us once more
Shining on our faces cast
A hope beyond death’s door

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