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Were You There When They Crucified My Girl

A spin on an old spiritual. Often in holy week we focus on the history of the story. I wanted to contextualize and feminize the modern idea of crucifixion. Also to bring to light the fact that the female experience and the Divine Feminine are still excluded from mainstream Christian worship. Maybe the modern crucified Christ is the feminine form of God that is devalued and raped every day. Maybe it is time for Her to rise from the shadows of our unconsciousness.


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The Woman of the Light

EarthCreecher’ features another guest blogger, Mary Ann McDowell,  for our series in Advent reflecting on the incarnation.  If you would like to take some time in this busy season to stop and mediate on the energy and meaning of this season for you, we would love to hear from you too!  Submission guidelines can be found here

Incarnation. I looked at the word on the page.

“Incarnation: a person who embodies in the flesh a deity, spirit or abstract quality.”

Nope. Not me. No chance. This has been a year of change for me. I left an abusive relationship just over a year ago. At this time last year, I would not have named it that, but that’s what it was. A year ago, I was not the woman I really am. I cowered in corners, didn’t speak much, kept opinions to myself. I was stupid, I was weak, I was incapable. These were the voices in my head, and they mirrored the voices of someone in my life. I was terrified. I was convinced that those voices were right. I was going to fall on my face, and fail, yet again. My world was dark, and I was in so much pain, an almost constant dull ache that grew and swelled and subsided, but never really went away. Then something happened.

Through those pains and through the darkness, I could see a glimmer of light, a small pin prick in the distance. I turned towards it. It was far away. I felt the darkness closing in around me as I pushed my way towards that faint glow. It was a difficult road. So often I thought that I would not be strong enough to make the journey. The light seemed beyond my reach. But then, I could see someone in the light.

A woman beckoned me towards her. She was bathed in the light. I was immediately drawn to her warmth, her strength, her compassion, and her beauty. She gave me strength to escape the darkness, and as I did, she folded me into her being. I had given birth, and I had been born.

“Incarnation: a person who embodies a deity.”

No, that word didn’t fit….. My soul emerged from that darkness, into the light of a new day. I was reborn. Although I was still in the same old body, the rebirth of my soul certainly felt like a reincarnation. The world around me had begun to take on a new light, new colours emerged, new beauty. I was very much like an infant trying to make sense of her world. People began to see me in a new and different way; I really was a new person.  And as such, I began to live in new ways.

I began to be intentional in my life and in my living. I reconnected with many from my past who had been important to me, and I connected with others who quickly became important to me. They all saw something in me that I did not yet see, I was still struggling with the old voices; I was still living just on the edge of that darkness. These wonderful people in my life supported me when the darkness called again. They drew me out.  They helped raise this child.

There were times when I could see the beautiful woman from the light, beckoning me once again. She was there only fleetingly, and I began to feel the need to find her. She had rescued me, and I wanted to thank her. Then there came a time when I couldn’t find her anymore. She had shown me the way, and I was grateful to her, but she had disappeared when I emerged. I started to sense her, more than see her. She was with me, still elusive, but with me. The negative voices started to subside – all but one.

This voice was the voice in my head that said that I was unattractive, that I was ugly, that I was unworthy of love. When this voice spoke, all others were drowned out. So many people confronted that voice, and told it to go. It diminished, but it was still there. At times the woman from the light seemed completely absent. I would see her when the voice wasn’t there, but when the voice was strong, it seemed to drive her away. Then one day, quite by chance I saw her out of the corner of my eye, and she was close.

I looked again, and was in disbelief. She was here; she was in my reflection. “That couldn’t possibly be!” I thought to myself. “She is so strong, so compassionate, so warm, so beautiful. She is not me….” And then I stopped. I thought about all of the things my friends and loved ones had been saying. They were not describing the me that I had been seeing; they had been describing this woman who I felt had been eluding me all along. This woman, this divine woman who had saved me – this woman was me. I am the warm, strong, compassionate and even beautiful woman that had been here all along. Incarnation: the embodiment of the divine. Yes, I had given birth, and I had been born. The divine, which dwells in me had been born in me, and I in Her.

Mary Ann is a mom, food banker, part-time student, blogger, and seeker of the divine feminine.  Her blog can be found at mamcdowell416.wordpress.com and you can follow her on twitter @mamcdowell1.

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My Religion Needs Feminism Because


“Lady Wisdom” Art by Melanie Rogers

My religion needs feminism

because I am a girl.

My religion needs feminism

because we are women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers.

My religion needs feminism

because the Bible says, “Let us create humanity in our image,” but the majority of Christians only worship the He part.

My religion needs feminism

because Jesus stood up for women, but the early church fathers and 2000 years of Christian tradition has deified and canonized men’s voices, while highlighting the Roman kingly virtures of strength, power, perfection, rule, victory and might.

My religion needs feminism

because trying to be perfect and victorious is not good for me or my community or the planet.

My religion needs feminism

because I used to think woman was the source of evil,

because many people still think she is.

My religion needs feminism

because Eve has been blamed for too long,

because eating from the Tree of Knowledge has many benefits, as does curiosity.

My religion needs feminism

because the female body is no less holy than the male.

My religion needs feminism

because Jesus told us to take his body, but it is our bodies that have been taken.

My religion needs feminism

because when I nursed my children I knew what Jesus meant when he said my flesh is food indeed.

My religion needs feminism

because everyday sexism still exists, because some interpretations of the Bible actually encourage it,

because my seminary still discussed whether or not women should be ordained.

My religion needs feminism

because Mary’s virginity was never the point.

My religion needs feminism

because the Bible reveals God in the feminine form as Shekinah, Lady Wisdom, and Sophia, and countless women but it still sounds weird to say, “Dear Mother,” or “In Her name we pray”

because I’ve never prayed to a She at church. Ever. (And I’ve been to MANY).

My religion needs feminism

because I want to pray to Her, but it still feels so strange to pray this way,

because I want to pray with others until it sounds completely natural, completely knee-jerk,

until She’s not just an idea, but an incarnation.

My religion needs feminism

because I’m so tired of doing mental gymnastics to translate the imperial masculine church words into the Living Word that speaks to me.

My religion needs feminism

because we are neither whole nor holy without Her.


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