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Sad News


It is with deep sadness that I am announcing the dissolve of my marriage.  This is not how I wanted things to go or what I expected so suddenly and I am devestated.  I am asking for your prayers for each of us as we transition to a new way of being family.  I will be moving into my yoga studio on August 1.  I am hoping that David and I can peacefully resettle into two households with joint custody of our precious children.

By mid September I will be working almost full time teaching yoga and able to support myself.  At this point I am unsure how the settlement will shake out or how I will afford my first two months rent and launch my studio by Septmeber. I am stepping out in faith and following the dream of my heart and trusting God and God’s people to provide as I work to pick up more hours and save every penny until then.  If you would like to support us, please visit my GoFundMe page.

Life is an adventure and the cracks are how the light gets in. Here’s to brighter days ahead!  I am so grateful for my loving community.  May the entire world be filled with love and light.




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Download some sacred music for your Advent & Christmas season.

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December 1, 2013 · 7:50 pm

Great religions…

Great religions are the

Poets the life

Every sane person I know has jumped

That is good for business
Isn’t it?


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September 2, 2013 · 4:08 pm

My New Music Video, Peace Before Us

In dedication to CHS, the 5 o’clock service and the Youth Group

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August 10, 2013 · 8:38 pm

My Religion Needs Feminism Because


“Lady Wisdom” Art by Melanie Rogers

My religion needs feminism

because I am a girl.

My religion needs feminism

because we are women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers.

My religion needs feminism

because the Bible says, “Let us create humanity in our image,” but the majority of Christians only worship the He part.

My religion needs feminism

because Jesus stood up for women, but the early church fathers and 2000 years of Christian tradition has deified and canonized men’s voices, while highlighting the Roman kingly virtures of strength, power, perfection, rule, victory and might.

My religion needs feminism

because trying to be perfect and victorious is not good for me or my community or the planet.

My religion needs feminism

because I used to think woman was the source of evil,

because many people still think she is.

My religion needs feminism

because Eve has been blamed for too long,

because eating from the Tree of Knowledge has many benefits, as does curiosity.

My religion needs feminism

because the female body is no less holy than the male.

My religion needs feminism

because Jesus told us to take his body, but it is our bodies that have been taken.

My religion needs feminism

because when I nursed my children I knew what Jesus meant when he said my flesh is food indeed.

My religion needs feminism

because everyday sexism still exists, because some interpretations of the Bible actually encourage it,

because my seminary still discussed whether or not women should be ordained.

My religion needs feminism

because Mary’s virginity was never the point.

My religion needs feminism

because the Bible reveals God in the feminine form as Shekinah, Lady Wisdom, and Sophia, and countless women but it still sounds weird to say, “Dear Mother,” or “In Her name we pray”

because I’ve never prayed to a She at church. Ever. (And I’ve been to MANY).

My religion needs feminism

because I want to pray to Her, but it still feels so strange to pray this way,

because I want to pray with others until it sounds completely natural, completely knee-jerk,

until She’s not just an idea, but an incarnation.

My religion needs feminism

because I’m so tired of doing mental gymnastics to translate the imperial masculine church words into the Living Word that speaks to me.

My religion needs feminism

because we are neither whole nor holy without Her.


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Rising with the Unnamed Woman


I don’t know her name.  But she and I have been called the same.

It’s been over 20 years since it happened to me.  I’m just now experiencing, at age 37, how it feels to transition from surviving to thriving.  I’m not carrying around a big secret anymore.  I wrote a memoir.  I’m not afraid to stand in front of a crowd.  I do it every week.  I am not afraid to speak.  I sing.  It took over ten years of therapy.  I’ve had to work through drug addictions and build self esteem.  I still have my bad days still when something triggers me and I’m fourteen again and the floor opens up beneath my feet and I spiral down the bottomless pit.  Like when I watched the news coverage of Steubenville.

I wanted to die because the whole high school called me a slut.  Because the rapist bragged.  Because I was the new girl and I had no friends.  I cut my wrist.  I didn’t have the national news empathizing with the rapist.  I didn’t have stupid bloggers calling for a whore registry or saying women enjoy being raped.  And so I am reaching out across the internet to tell the young woman that you have my support.

I am saddened that I have not seen the mainstream media report on how rape can effect a woman in her lifetime,  or provided resources, but has shown me instead that rape culture remains alive and well.  I caught myself thinking, “I’m so glad I never said anything at the time.”  (FEMINISTING had one of the most powerful, spot on responses to the verdict and the media’s reaction.  Thank you!)

To the unnamed woman:  I am proud of you for speaking.  For your bravery.  You give me courage.  You are helping us change the world.

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