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Receive the Gift of Pain

Stay with me


And have a cup of coffee

Tell me all your stories

And do not leave until

I can remember all of the details

Let me say the words back to you

Until you feel I have understood completely


I beg you to forgive me for being so inhospitable

When I kept the doors locked

When I ran and didn’t stop

When I drank to dilute your power

When I sought refuge in the arms of others


I thought you came to destroy me

But you were here to teach me

That I couldn’t stay so small


Hold my hand now

And lead me to the grave

Let me be the first witness of your transformation

I will listen to your wisdom

And behold your resurrection


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Sad News


It is with deep sadness that I am announcing the dissolve of my marriage.  This is not how I wanted things to go or what I expected so suddenly and I am devestated.  I am asking for your prayers for each of us as we transition to a new way of being family.  I will be moving into my yoga studio on August 1.  I am hoping that David and I can peacefully resettle into two households with joint custody of our precious children.

By mid September I will be working almost full time teaching yoga and able to support myself.  At this point I am unsure how the settlement will shake out or how I will afford my first two months rent and launch my studio by Septmeber. I am stepping out in faith and following the dream of my heart and trusting God and God’s people to provide as I work to pick up more hours and save every penny until then.  If you would like to support us, please visit my GoFundMe page.

Life is an adventure and the cracks are how the light gets in. Here’s to brighter days ahead!  I am so grateful for my loving community.  May the entire world be filled with love and light.



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