An Ode to Candy Corn


You are the Goddess of all Halloween candy

I don’t care what they say,

Don’t listen to Stephen Colbert, and the millions of consumers who cannot see your true artistry

Listen to me.

I see all of you.

And I will love you forever

In spite of your corn syrup and Red dye #40.

I focus on the positive

Your sweet delectable beauty.

Your white tips are like snow covered mountains,

That touch the sacred heavens,

A drop of milk from a mother’s breast,

You’re simply the best!

Your center, as brilliant as the orange leaves

That I saw for like 2 days before the Fargo winds

Ripped them down from the trees

And buried them deep in the earth.

Your golden base is a ray of light

That descends all the way into the dead

And rises again

After 8 months of f*cking winter.

You are the color of the yellowing grasses

I meditate on in the fall

Peed on by dogs

And dying in the cold

As I dread the first snow.

You come in the kiss of seasons

In the thin places

I hope to keep around my waist.

You are a holy undivided trinity of color

Of hope,

Of childhood nostalgia.

And so I will feast on you

My chalk-like manna,

Cloaked in confectioner’s glaze

And carnauba wax,

You are my wind, my rain, my tummy ache.

Now and forever,



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One response to “An Ode to Candy Corn

  1. Cynthia Anderson

    Great poem, but why do i feel like it’s about the f……winter most of all? Happy Halloween, stay warm, hi to Ian from Sean šŸ™‚

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