Rock Baby, You are Rising!

In honor of V-day and with One Billion Rising I have decided to rise with a song dedicated to the all the high school girls who’s dignity is threatened by sexual violence.  Here are the lyrics and a performance of Rock Baby (as it appeared in Lifting Women’s Voices, Prayers to Change the World (c) Morehouse Publishing 2009).


I was thirteen when they had me

On the concrete as I said please

I hope they like me now

They were sixteen and seventeen

The skaters, the strangers and me

The new girl in town

Take my flesh and take my blood

I needed so much love

So I gave my flesh and I gave my blood

My Rock Baby

High fives all around the room

After she cried in the bathroom

‘Cause the blood scared her so

You popped her cherry, boy! Way to go!

Take her flesh and take her blood

O my God she thought that was love

When she gave her flesh an she gave her blood

Her Rock Baby

Rumors gathered steam

She fucked the whole football team

Now every guy wants a piece of meat

Isn’t this her dream?

From prude to whore what a pendulum swing!

Take her flesh and take her blood

You know she doesn’t deserve love

Go on and take her flesh and take her blood

That girl’s just a slut

Your Rock Baby

She’s been under our covers

Under our skin

Under all this hate we keep her in

She’s our miracle in the making

Our Rock Baby

Even if you can’t hear her

When he enters the city

When he opens the gate

You will hear the rocks say,

Prepare the way! Prepare the way!

Prepare the way!

I will speak



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