Fatimah, You are Rising!


Under the moon she grew

Under her bare feet she knew

Terra strong and terra true

Under the moon she knew

Fatimah, take my hand

Fatimah, run free across the land

One night they came into your bed

And they smiled when you said

No please don’t

And they laughed when you bled

After they had their fun

They dumped your body on your father’s front lawn

Fatimah, take my hand

Fatimah, your blood curses our land

You were food for the hungry

You were drink for the thirsty

For their sins you were atoning

Though you did not die willingly

Mama save me! you screamed

Right before your father shot you

In front of your family

Fatimah, take my hand

Fatimah, take me to the Promised Land

This poem was written in honor of a young girl named Fatimah who was gang raped and then died in an honor killing performed by her family.  They are still haunted the experience and say that Fatimah visits them in their dreams, asking, “Why did you do this to me?”  (Fatimah is also the name of Muhammad’s daughter, a figure that resembles the Virgin Mary.)

Creech, Jessica.  Fatimah.  Lifting Women’s Voices, Prayers to Change the World (c) Morehead Publishing, 2009.


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